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“To increase the capacity of families to cope with daily living challenges and to enrich family and community life”

Canarvon Family Support Services is located at the Lotteries House in CBD

CFSS WA LTD has been providing services since 1989, including management and recovery from trauma in the community of Carnarvon, with outreach into the surrounding Gascoyne Region. The current CFSS WA LTD staff is a mixture of Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees. This gives CFSS WA LTD staff considerable access, trust and credibility with the Carnarvon community.

The Managing Director, Finance Officer, Financial Counsellor, Public Tenancy Support Service, CSARS Officer and Administration Officer are based at Carnarvon Lotteries House which is central to the Carnarvon CBD. The Women’s Refuge is located some 3 km away in Morgantown, a residential suburb of Carnarvon, but works closely with the rest of the team at Lotteries House.

The Sobering up Centre is located near the Carnarvon Hospital, 1 km from the CBD of Carnarvon and also works closely with the team and Gascoyne Women’s Refuge and CFSS WA LTD at Lotteries House.



The CFSS WA Ltd Staff