Leticia Andreoli

Protective Behaviours

Leticia Andreoli Coordinates and delivers the Protective Behaviours Program to children and parents within Carnarvon and surrounds. The Protective Behaviours Program is a life skills program designed for children aiming to Educate and Empower them on their personal safety. They learn things such as their right to safety, how they might feel if they are feeling unsafe, what they should do if they are feeling unsafe, who can they talk to if they are feeling unsafe, the knowledge that they can talk to anyone about anything no matter what it is, body awareness, personal space, assertiveness and persistence.

Carnarvon Community Choir

Leticia also runs the Carnarvon Community Choir, which is run as a music therapy program. Music therapy has been known to improve things such as anxiety, assist people with dealing with depression and can also help people connect with others within the Community. The Carnarvon Community Choir has a strong member base of local Carnarvon people who sing at many community events, which is always enjoyed by all.

Leticia Andreoli is currently an Undergraduate Psychology Student.