2020 Protective Behaviours

Today saw our last Protective Behaviours Lesson for 2020. 2020 has been a hectic year throwing us many challenges that forced us think outside the box, in order to keep the program going.
Term 1 saw us travel to Shark Bay to work with the students and parents in some protective behaviour workshops. This was an exciting opportunity to expand the program outside of Carnarvon and to meet the lovely people who live in Shark Bay. Thanks to Shark Bay School for allowing us to visit and a thanks to the NGALA Parenting Connection Service for collaborating with us to make this happen.
Term 2 delivery of the program was done entirely online which was an amazing experience. We had never worked online before and it gave us a chance to see that working online can work. Better yet it gave us a chance to design a online program so in the future we are able to offer the program to remote locations. We also managed to deliver an online parents workshop with attendees as far as Perth! Online delivery can really take us anywhere!
Term 3 and 4 saw us back in classes and, as we do every term we enjoy having the opportunity to get to know the kids who live in our town and their amazing teachers and support staff who work with them all year.
Big thanks to Carnarvon Community College and The Carnarvon Christian School for embracing Protective Behaviours and allowing us to deliver to your wonderful students.
Massive thanks to Shane who has assisted me to deliver the program. Its always been a delight working with you, always a laugh shared. Was awesome to do the online sessions with you too while we worked out technology.
I had to share some of the beautiful art work gifted to us by our amazing students throughout the year. I must say my office is a beautifully bright and colourful room filled with many thanks and many fantastic memories.
Looking forward to 2021 Protective Behaviours!
Thank you
Leticia Andreoli
AKA Miss Tish
Protective Behaviours Coordinator